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Y Plas
Saturday 29th April 17:15
Deborah Pearson
History, History, History

In 1956, there was a popular uprising against the USSR in Hungary. The battle was fought primarily from the Corvin Cinema, and the uprising lead to one of the largest refugee crises of the twentieth century.  In a live commentary screening of a 1956 comedy about football, scheduled to premiere at the Corvin Cinema the week of the uprising, Deborah Pearson unlocks a surprisingly personal story.

A documentary, performed live, the performance runs the length of and is timed alongside the film, using interviews with the exiled screenwriter and people involved with the film to playfully reflect on immigration, suppression, and our personal links with history. This is a show for lovers of cinema, and for anyone who has stared at pictures of their ancestors a little too long.  With dramaturgy by Daniel Kitson, and outside eye work by Tania El Khoury and Laura Dannequin.

Developed in part at the National Theatre Studio.

★★★★★ ‘The show’s poignant humanity, its bittersweet reflections on the relentlessness of time and its potent blend of uplifting possibility and heartrending pathos make for an enchanting 90 minutes’ The Fix Magazine

‘History, History, History is a performance that reflects, implicitly, on the emergence of historical possibility as a creative, personal and collective process. It demonstrates the necessity of historical relationships, or relationship with histories, as a way to orient within and engage with the world. ‘ Deborah Withers, author of Feminism, Digital Culture and the Politics of Transmission

‘A magnetic piece of work that does what all great theatre should, probes and prods at its subject and ultimately reveals it in a new light.’ Kris Hatlett’s Mayfest Shorts Review



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