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Owain Glyndwr Centre - Powys Room
Friday 28th April 20:45
Daniel Cook
Ye-Ha! (Work in Progress)

Listen up.  

The word on the street is that gangly, man-child Daniel Cook is back in Mach and this time he's broke.  

He (me - I started writing this in the third person and now I'm stuck with it. I don't have a person who writes these things for me. As I explained earlier, i'm broke and simply couldn't afford to pay someone to do this. I did ask my girlfriend for advice on what to write but sadly she had to go out.) is gonna deal with being broke in the only way he knows how and write an HOUR (maybe) of STAND UP COMEDY about it and absolutely BLOW your MINDS.  

This is a work in progress show. 

As seen and heard on BBC One, Channel 4, BBC Radio 2 and BBC Radio 4.

‘Cook possesses a quality that simply makes him funny’ **** The List 

‘Had the crowd roaring with laughter’ **** Three Weeks

**** Broadway Baby 

**** Edinburgh Festivals Magazine



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